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Calling for a speech falls on my deaf ears

I was reading this piece at Washington Post’s PostPartisan by Jonathan Capehart. Capehart describes the grumbling in the gay community over President Obama’s perceived inaction on LGBT issues. Capehart goes on to call for Obama to “deliver an address on gay rights akin to his landmark speeches on the Middle East, national security, abortion and race.”

The LGBT community doesn’t need more of Obama’s lip service. We’ve heard his incredibly well delivered speeches. We’ve heard his promises. Most importantly, we’ve seen his absolute failure to support our community and cause. He, himself, does NOT view us as equal. Obama has told us that he “believe[s] that marriage is between one man and one woman.” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has reminded us that “We all know where the president stands on this issue.”

I’ve heard enough of Obama’s promises. He can keep his change since it appears to be more of the same. He can keep his speech until such time as he can say, “All members of the LGBT community are citizens of this country and all are equal, enjoying all of the rights and benefits and subject to the same responsibilities as every other citizen.”


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