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More Smelt…

So I’ve been doing some more digging into this Smelt case, which I have already decided is just a train wreck waiting to happen. This is confirmed by an article in the Orange County Register. Some highlights from the piece:

Christopher Hammer and Arthur Smelt, both 49, are a “high profile couple from Mission Viejo.” They first sued for the right to be married in 2004 and haven’t given up since their initial suit was thrown out by the court. They were married while gay marriage was legal in CA, so they currently have a recognized marriage in CA in addition to their cut-rate ambulance chasing lawyer.

“The only proper body to hear the Mission Viejo couple’s lawsuit is the U.S. Supreme Court, [Gilbert] said.” Now, I actually agree with this.

“In addition to pursuing the federal lawsuit on behalf of Smelt and Hammer, Gilbert announced he is spearheading a campaign to get an initiative put on the 2010 ballot.” Wow, competing with the big boys in more ways than one. Let’s hope he doesn’t confuse people into saying, “No thanks, I’ve already signed the initiative petition.”

“That initiative, he said, would call for splitting California into two states. Gilbert’s concept of a “New California” will include a new constitution “that will guarantee and recognize the fundamental rights of all people” — specifically, the fundamental right of same-gender marriage.” Now this is real evidence of “crackpot-icity!” Does guy think CA is like TX? I guess he’s not the only one to think this way. Bill Maze has the same idea here.


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